Tag: Faction


  • The Grey Hand

    Racist, distrustful and elitists. They were once a formidable group but have been defeated for almost a hundred years. Still its not easy getting rid of such extremists and there are still pockets of resistance and hidden cults around the world. Due to …

  • The Empire

    The Sundering connected the people of the world on a global level. With common adversaries in the Grey Hand and the ever growing numbers of monsters and radical cults, the former enemies of the world united under Empress Zaleh Ashyras to ward of the …

  • The Warsmiths

    Originally the name Warsmiths was a derogatory term for any and all arms dealers. Several of the more influential dealers have since accepted this name and are running a campaign to make weaponry a status symbol more than a show of force.

  • The Cult of Abshir

    In the past Burnham has dismissed them as inconsequential lunatics. Recently however they've grown in numbers and strength.