The White City

Guardians of the White City

Daniel Burnham looked over his handiwork, shining so brightly it shamed the stars. The opening ceremony was closing in fast, and while he not an easily intimidated man, the prospect of it sent a shot of anxiety through him. He knew this was more than a simple celebration. With all the events in play, the shifting political climate and the multiplying factions at work, he knew when this was all over the world would be a very different place. He just hoped it would be for the better.

In fact, he would make sure of it.

Stepping away from the stained glass windows that encased his office he went to work at his desk penning several letters. Each assigned to a unique individual. People he knew would serve his purpose and serve it well. The “son” of a dear friend, the weapons master , the magic wielder, Winchester’s former bodyguard. They would help him make sure the reign of peace would not end here. They would be his hidden hand, working in the shadows, doing what he could not. They would be the unknown guardians of The White City…


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