The Keys

"They are literally keys to the city. I hope that properly exhibits the level of trust we're putting in you."


The Music Box – Handle is a music box. Paralyze one enemy once per day.
The Songbird – Handle is a sparrow. Perfect bluff once per day.
The Stopped Watch – Handle is a broken watch. Player is granted a free move action once per day.
The Hidden Blade – A hidden blade is in the handle. One D4 of damage.
The Shocker – Handle can taze a victim. One D4 of damage per day.
The Crux – Heal 1d6 per day.
The Pentagram – Rage for 1d4 per day.


Given to the party by Burnham they are specialized keys giving you access to the entire fairground and Burnham’s personal office. Each key was designed by Nikola Tesla and has a specific attribute to compliment its owner. These keys are also bound to the owner, no other person can use them. They are worn on a heavy chain around the neck and also serve to inform the Fair’s police that the wearer is one of Burnham’s personal task force.

The Keys

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